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This site is dedicated to giving new and existing business a point of reference for ways to increase your clients and to best establish yourself for the minimum amount of unnecessary cost.

Our Setup Links section has helpful information on where to go to register ABN, Business Name and more, while the Business Links area is a listing of other services that can be of help to you along the way.
Register ABN
Need help getting your business going?
Check out our Setup Links section for information on where to go to setup your ABN, GST and more.

Did you know that unless your business is going to turn over more than $75 000 in the first year, it is not necessary to register for GST?
Depending on what your projected turnover is, you will want to consider this option, as if you believe you will turn over more, then better to register at the beginning and build GST into your business process.
Online Presence
No business today can afford to be without an website. This not only to give you customers a place to look you up, but to also provide a method of communicating with them.

If you make a website that is professional and able to keep your clients coming back, then this will be the best advertising you could provide for your business.

So if you do not already have one, consider getting online now.
Depending on your business, different types of advertising will work while others miss the target. Consider your brand and how to best position it for your audience. In todays age of smart phones and tablets its not unusual for people to look up brands on the internet as they wait at traffic lights or are out shopping etc.

So a great method for getting your business out there and seen is to use brand awareness, such as car signage, stickers magnets, billboards etc...

Not Just A Card
Business Cards are not just for individual use, most small business will allow other local business's to put their business cards on the counter or reception. So with this in mind, get a set of business cards made with a more generic focus on the service that you provide rather than just your or another staff members title.

Social Media
Have you considered what Social Media can do for you?
Linked in and Facebook are great ways of getting your business out there and reminding people of what you do. Don't underestimate the power of social media, it is today''s number one most used medium and you are missing out if you are not leveraging it.

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Business Plan & Ideas
A business plan is not just for start-ups going for a bank loan, the benefits of a business plan is that it gives you goals and targets to let you know how you are progressing over time. While the level of detail will vary with each business, setting goals and combining them with ideas to get you there is a great way of keeping your business on track.

Also remember to write everything down!
How many times have you come up with great ideas only to forget them shortly after in the day to day rush of running your business? Keep a notepad on hand for when you get those ideas and refer back to it weekly.